Leah Strayhorn
graphic designer + illustrator


Illustrative and hand-lettered pieces

Personal Work

Projects explored and created outside of the classroom.

Be Bold

A hand-painted mural created in the Studio TeamBox gallery in Lisbon, Portugal. Using bold and primary colors, the message is playful and a bright reminder to always Be Bold.


“The band played ‘Nearer My God to Thee.’ Death was begging for your company.” A heart-wrenching line written by a band that is even more so. A digital illustration of Foxing’s Gameshark created on an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Dirty Love

“Hallelujah’s are unable to save us. But did I ever want love, or did I ask too much.” Mt. Joy’s Dirty Love illustrated with a textured and damaged hand lettered design.

Some of These are Galaxies

A line borrowed from Kurt Vonnegut’s illustration from his book While Mortals Sleep.

Run Detroit

I was selected to design the window store front for RUNDetroit as part of Lawrence Tech’s DCDT Holiday Window Walk competition. My design included a stop motion animation, each frame being individually drawn by hand. As an additional playful element, illustrated runners and snowflakes featuring the store logo and carried products.